CPEC Whale Done Award Presented to Karla Wilson

Ernie Miranda passed on the CPEC Whale Done Award to Karla Wilson at the Oct. 12 meeting of the Career and Professional Employees Council. Ernie worked with Karla on the Learning Outcomes project. Ernie said that he is proud and honored to pass the recognition award to a person who without any doubt deserves it.

“This person comes to work because she loves the students and this college. She exerts a very positive influence on all of us and is a true role model. I also can say that the project she leads today, Start Smart, is a remarkable project that allows students to navigate their educational path and options right from the beginning of their educational journey. This program maximizes the use of resources while reducing or eliminating waste.”

The Whale Done award is a traveling trophy which is passed quarterly from the current award holder to another person on campus who has gone above and beyond in service to the college and/or that individual. Click here for a list of previous winners.