2019-2022 Faculty Endowed Chair Application Available

The CF Foundation application for the 2019-2022 Faculty Endowed Chairs Category 1 is now available on CF Inside.  The application deadline for the Letter of Intent is due to the Office of Academic Affairs by Feb. 22.

Available Awards
Munroe Regional Medical Center – Health Occupations
Nancy and Seymour B. Robinson Endowed Chair in Biological Science – FEC
Regions Federal Endowment Challenge Endowed Chair – any discipline

Dollar Value
Each award is granted for a term of three years with a total value of $18,000; $6,000 per year comprised of an annual $2,000 honorarium for the faculty member and $4,000 for project expenses.

Award recipients must have two years of full-time CF faculty service by Aug. 1, 2019 and receive recommendations from their supervisor, dean, and vice-president. Each award is made to an individual faculty member. Collaboration is encouraged with other areas within the department or college wide.

Application Process
The Endowed Chair application process begins with the faculty member submitting a Letter of Intent along with the Signature Endorsement Form to the appropriate dean and Dr. Paugh by Feb. 22, 2019. The Application Procedure, calendar dates (under overview), Proposed Budget Form and the Signature Endorsement Forms (under application forms) are on the intranet (under CF Forms, then click on CF Foundation Forms) CF Foundation Forms.

There are specific instructions under Application Procedure for your Letter of Intent.

Consult with your supervisor or call the CF Foundation office at ext. 1288.