25 Complete Beginner Walking Plan

Congratulations to the college employees and retirees who participated in the six-week beginner walking plan! Everyone was challenged to begin walking on a regular basis over a six-week period and to follow the plan, which includes easy walking, stretching, brisk walking and resting.

The following individuals completed the initial challenge: Sharon Altany, Carol Blakeman, Marissa Brown, Mary Cipolla, Allan Danuff, Joanne DelGrosso, Gina Fisher, Amy Garratt, Alivia Gibson, Chenita Hart, Teresa Herbst, Denea Hollis, Nancy Keefer, Traci Mason, Peggy Recanzone, Raphel Robinson, Lynn Ruis, Michele Russo, Sarah Satterfield, Linda Schwambach, Mary Ann Toth, Kathy Viator, Norma Walcott, Lori Witkowich and Cindy Yakaski.

A 12-week intermediate walking workout is now underway using the FIT principle of Frequency, Intensity and Time to work up to at least 10,000 steps for 4-5 days a week, or about 4 miles each session.