Changes to Flexible Spending Account Plan

Attention CF Flexible Spending Account participants enrolled in medical and/or dependent daycare. The FSA plan year will be changing this year. In previous years the FSA plan year was October through September. However, this year CF has decided to change the FSA plan year to coincide with all other CF benefits and annual open enrollment periods.

The 2017-18 FSA plan year will end Sept. 30, 2018. From Oct. 1, 2018 through Dec. 15, 2018 the FSA accounts will remain open only for the FSA 2017 Extension run out, with a Grace Deadline submission date of Jan. 27, 2019. For more detailed information, please see below. The open enrollment period for the 2019 FSA plan year will coincide with the health insurance open enrollment period (exact dates TBD, but will be held in October 2018). 

The 2019 Flex Plan year will be effective Jan. 1, 2019 and will run through Dec. 31, 2019, with an FSA Extension of Jan. 1, 2020 through March 15, 2020 and a Grace Deadline submission date of April 30, 2020. For the 2019 Plan year and subsequent Plan years going forward, expenses incurred for reimbursement or for Flex debit card swipes/payments, must be incurred between the Plans year dates; including the FSA extension dates.

Important reminders from Custom Benefits:
• If employed through Sept. 20, 2018, eligible for FSA Extension period of the Current 2017 Plan year – Oct. 1, 2018 – Dec. 15. 2018. Expenses incurred during this time will first go backwards to help pay out remaining 2017 balance to claim. To view Use it from and Claim it by dates, visit On Welcome page/Benefits page, please look to left and middle of page. To view Previous Plan year balance, once on Welcome page, look above balance amount and see highlighted Previous Year.

• FSA Grace Deadline date – Jan. 27, 2019. All claims for the 2017 Plan year must be received by this date; to be considered for reimbursement. Can be received electronically through, faxed, emailed or through mobile device using the MyFlex app. (Must first establish an online account and then will use same user name and password).

• Timely submission of Flex debit card verification for Flex swipes/payments that do not match a copay linked to account, match to a “Recurring Fee” (same Provider/exact same amount) to a swipe that has already been verified eligible and is off hold. (If verification required, submit eligible documentation within 60 days from swipe date). Documentation must reflect the service date, services rendered and charges. An Insurance Explanation of benefits may be submitted in lieu of a Provider’s itemized receipt. This will help to ensure Flex card remains active.

• Resolve Flex card swipe Balance Dues in a timely manner. This is for swipe amounts that were determined not eligible to pay from the Plan or that were never verified with submission of eligible documentation. This will help to ensure Flex card remains active. 

For any questions regarding the plan year changes or your FSA account please visit or contact Custom Benefits at (352) 369-9453 or 352-237-0425. 

You may also contact Ashley Peirano, Benefits Coordinator, in HR at 352-854-2322, etx. 1290 or by email at