Congratulations to our Endowed Chairs and New Initiative Grant Winners

The following CF employees were honored by the CF Foundation during Fall Convocation.

New Initiative Grants
These are short term projects that can be completed in one academic year. Grants can be used to fund a project or activity that promotes the college’s learning-centered values and vision.  A $500 honorarium is given to the employee whose idea is selected and $1,500 is used to fund the project or activity.

Congratulations to the team from the Citrus Campus: Sonya Warden and Rory Wells.

Their project will showcase on our Citrus Campus a walk-thru exhibit detailing Black History during Black History month in February. It will conclude with the African American Read-In which is well attended by members of the community.

The goal is to provide an interactive way for students and the public to participate in an event that reviews the history of slavery and the path to freedom, famous African American writers, and heroes. Collaborating with faculty and staff, Sonya and Rory will work the exhibit into art, humanities and composition classes.


College-wide “Out-of-the-Box Ideas” grant.
This grant recognizes an outstanding CF employee for an “out of the box” innovative project that meets the college’s goals.  A $500 honorarium with $3,000 to fund the project or activity. Congratulations to Chelsea Watts from the Citrus Campus.

Chelsea plans on collaborating with faculty and students from history, humanities, composition, public speaking and digital media on the Citrus Campus, to capture oral histories of many of the military veterans living in Citrus County. These histories will be presented, by our students, at an event on the Citrus Campus, open to the community, that honors the service of our veterans. The audio files, transcripts and photographs will then become a repository of historical data of Citrus County veterans, – Perhaps a possible online “digital museum” too.

Endowed Chair Awards
The recipient of the Regions Business/Computer Science Endowed Chair – FEC went to Dr. Sandra Davis, Business and Technology.

Dr. Davis’ project is to bring in Business and Technology Guest Speakers to present on cutting edge issues in the technology industry and to provide innovative training and workshop opportunities to enhance students’ completion of certifications so they are highly prepared for their coursework and the workforce.

The recipient of the Attie G. Branan Memorial Endowed Chair went James Budd Dees, Visual & Performing Arts.

James’ proposed project is entitled “CF Speaks.” This will be a Podcast by College of Central Florida Students and Faculty for distribution to our campus and community. Funds will be used for equipment and renovation for a studio and will engage students in conducting, editing and producing “talks” from invited experts highlighting our great Faculty and Staff. The project will coordinate with an event highlighting the “Talks”. The hope is that this will grow into a regular series of podcasts highlighting the many human stories that make CF special and CF’s impact and value in the community.