COVID Sanitizing Requests

As we enter another month with many offices closed on campus, we have refined the process for requesting cleaning of your office if it is in one of the buildings that has been designated as closed. To have your office cleaned and sanitized, please submit a Custodial Services Request. The form is located at under Forms or you can click here. You are always welcome to return to campus and the closed buildings. We just want to ensure that you or the next person who enters will find a sanitized space.

All buildings and spaces are closed except for the following, which are being cleaned and sanitized routinely:

  • At the Ocala Campus, the Ewers Century Center, Bryant Student Union, University Center, Health Sciences buildings 19, 33, 35 and 37 remain open.
  • At the Citrus Campus, Buildings 2 and 4 remain open.
  • The Levy Campus and Hampton Center remain open to allow students in a few skills-based programs to complete their coursework.