EAP New Directions January News

Happy new year! It’s 2021, which means we have officially transitioned online therapy services to BetterHelp.

Transition is seamless

Employees who currently access the Employee Assistance Program counseling sessions through Talkspace, have until April 30, 2021, to complete those sessions with your current therapist. Once that date has passed, employees will need to register with BetterHelp to access additional sessions.

Access online therapy

You turn to the EAP when you need a little help – whether it’s stress, coping with COVID-19, relationships, struggles with finances or time management. Counseling is a great first step to starting to feel more like yourself. With online therapy, support is more convenient than ever. 

How to access online therapy

  1. Visit betterhelp.com/newdirections and enter company code: ccf or login at eap.ndbh.com and select “Request Counseling.”
  2. Complete registration and get matched with a therapist.
  3. Download app and start therapy.

What’s available

An experienced, right-fit counselor is ready to connect with you or a household member and offer support through messaging, live chat, phone or video sessions, digital worksheets, interactive group sessions and goal setting and tracking. Start now or use the session scheduler to connect at a time that works best for you. Learn more here.

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