Email Signature Update

As the fall semester gets ready to start, this is a great time to check your email signature to make sure it is complete and accurate. Your email signature is an opportunity to make a good first impression as a representative of CF. A standard, consistent and clean email signature facilitates communications with our constituents: students, colleagues and community members. The signature is designed to maximize contact information while presenting a professional image.

The following is a sample with the correct format for email signatures for faculty and staff for email accounts. Please do not add personal messages, artwork, quotes, background, etc., that are not a part of the CF brand and that are not included in this sample as these distract from our message.

Please notice the email signature has been updated eliminating the Best Community Colleges logo.

Click here for easy copy-paste signature

To create a signature:

  1. Copy an already existing sample signature (including logos and disclosure statement).
  2. In Outlook, go to File, then down to options.
  3. Go to Mail, then to Signatures.
  4. Click New, then name your signature.
  5. Paste the sample signature you copied earlier into this space.
  6. Update with your information and click and Save and then OK.

If you need assistance, please contact Steve Hill, ext. 1762.