Faculty and Staff Awards and Grant Opportunities

All eligible CF employees are invited to apply for the Category V New Initiative endowment grants sponsored by the CF Foundation. These grants will fund any projects or activity chosen by the selection committee that promotes the college’s goals, learning centered values and vision on our campuses and in our community.

Category V New Initiative Endowment Grant for Career Service category employees

A $3,000 total award: $500 honorarium with $2,500 to fund the project or activity

Category V New Initiative Endowment Grant for Administrative/Professional category employees

A $3,000 total Grant: $500 honorarium with $2,500 to fund the project or activity

Candidates for these grants are encouraged to propose ideas that reflect creative thinking and risk-taking ideas that offer the potential to make a real difference in the learning, life and vision of the college. Funds may be used for travel, conferences, equipment, consultants, software/hardware or any approved activity that promotes the general grant purpose.

Category V New Initiative Endowed Grant – Collegewide (Open to all CF employees– faculty, career service, administrative and professional.)

This $3,500 award will annually recognize an outstanding CF employee for an “out of the box” innovative project that meets the college’s goals.
Annual total: $500 honorarium with $3,000 to fund the project.

Applications are due in the CF Foundation office by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 27. If you have a question, call the CF Foundation at ext. 1288.