Fall Benefits Open Enrollment

Save the date: Fall benefits open enrollment will take place October 24-November 4.

College of Central Florida is pleased to offer new medical plans designed to better meet your healthcare needs. For 2023, you’ll choose from three new medical plan options. These plans will replace our current medical plans and will be effective Jan. 1 through December 31, 2023.

We are excited about the change because it offers our employees more choices and better aligns our plans with the marketplace.

Our current medical plans will NOT be available for 2023, and you will need to choose a new plan during the open enrollment period (Oct. 24–Nov. 4).  This means open enrollment will be mandatory for all employees this year.  More information about how to enroll (including enrollment assistance from Human Resources, educational sessions and online resources) will be provided closer to the open enrollment date.

All of our new options are Florida Blue plans and have the same Blue Options network.  Therefore, you should be able to keep your current healthcare provider. Before you choose your plan for 2023, contact your providers to make sure they are in the network for the plan you’re considering. Plan information will be shared very soon.

Why are the medical plans being replaced?

We recently conducted an in-depth review of our medical plans to look at how we can better align with the market and bring our plans up to date. As a result of this review, we will offer new medical plan options to provide our employees and their families with real choices and to manage our costs now and in the future.

  • With the changes, we are able to offer a selection of Gold and Silver plans. By comparison, our current plans are at the Gold level only.
  • CF has also experienced a 5.5% average annual increase in health care costs over the last seven years. These continual cost increases for our existing plans are not sustainable – especially when we factor in medical inflation.  The simple lineup of the new medical plans will be more cost effective and sustainable for our college to administer over time.

When will Open Enrollment Information Be Available?

CF’s Human Resources staff is working on the details of open enrollment and will post the information to the Employee Benefits Website under the 2023 Open Enrollment link.

We will announce updated information soon.