Health and Wellness Fair Gift Cards

CF employees can redeem the gift cards they have earned by logging in to the Better You Strides account at for completing both the biometric screening at the Health Fair or Quest Labs and the online personal health assessment. With Better You Strides, you can earn a maximum of 150 points, which equates to a $15 gift card. The points are tied directly to employee participation in the annual health and wellness fair. Employees should have earned 75 points for completing the biometric screening and 75 points for completing the online personal health assessment. To earn the $15 gift card, BOTH the biometric screening and online personal health assessment must have been complete. Information on how to complete the online personal health assessment can be found here:

Follow the steps below to redeem your gift card.

  • Go to the rewards tab at the top of the page
  • Select redeem
  • Select view gift cards
  • Browse through e-gift cards and select preferred card
  • E-gift will arrive via email within (24 hours) and physical cards take 2 -4 weeks to receive.

*If the College as a whole reaches 50 percent participation at the annual health and wellness fair, employees will earn an additional $10 gift card. This means employees have the opportunity to redeem for a $15 gift card on the wellness platform and to receive another $10 gift card, if the college is successful in achieving greater than 50 percent participation in the biometric screening and health assessment.