Health Fair Prize Winners and Reminder to Redeem Points

Thank you to all who participated in the Health Fair this year and congratulations to the following employees who won prizes.

FitBit charge 3, Advanced Fitness Tracker – Frank Strickland
FitBit charge 2, Rose Gold Series (courtesy of Florida Blue) – Stephanie Baracskay
Voya Gift Bag (Insulated tote with BBQ set) – Tania Davis
$25 Publix Gift Card (courtesy of Custom Benefits) – Erina Gross
$25 BP Gas Gift Card (courtesy of Custom Benefits) – Mary Boeseman
$25 Red Robbin Gift Card – Zackery Cote
$25 AMC Movie Gift Card – Kathleen Downs
$15 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card – John Grady
$10 Starbucks Gift Card – Sylvia Thornton
$10 Starbucks Gift Card – Regina Summers
$10 Starbucks Gift Card – Christopher Ray

Winners – please contact Christine Forde at ext. 1570 to schedule a time to pick up your prize. Please remember to bring a form of identification.

Congratulations to our winners!

Reminder to Redeem Health Fair Points for a $15 Amazon Gift Card
If you participated in the health fair by completing the biometric screening as well as the online personal health assessment, remember to redeem your points for a $15 Amazon gift card by logging in to the Better You Strides account at With Better You Strides, you can earn a maximum of 150 points, which equates to a $15 gift card. The points are tied directly to employee participation in the annual health and wellness fair. Employees should have earned 75 points for completing the biometric screening and 75 points for completing the online personal health assessment. To earn the $15 gift card, BOTH the biometric screening and online personal health assessment must have been complete.

Follow the steps below to redeem your gift card.
• Log in to
• Click on the “Health and Wellness” tab, then select “Better You Strides”
• You will then be redirected to the Better You Strides webpage. Scroll to the bottom of the page; under “Start your journey to better health today” there is a link to “click here to register or log in”.
• On the main Better You Strides page:
• Go to the rewards tab at the top of the page
• Select redeem
• Select view gift cards
• Browse through e-gift cards and select preferred card – The only card available this year is a $15 Amazon gift card.
• E-gift will arrive via email within (24 hours) and physical cards take two to four weeks to receive.