October President’s Update

Dear CF Family:

Thank you for your role in our collegewide budget survey and for your great feedback.

We have reviewed and categorized all your recommendations and I am sharing below those areas that received the highest number of mentions. Every comment is being considered as a single idea may have great potential.

Your highest mentioned areas to reduce expenses include (alphabetical order):
• Academic program reductions
• Appleton Museum
• Athletics/Student Life
• Condensed work week
• Energy savings
• Reduction in workforce
• Reorganizations/promotions/management
• Supplements/overloads
• Travel

Your highest mentioned areas to increase revenue include (alphabetical order):
• Admissions/recruitment/marketing
• Auxiliary enterprises (bookstore, Conference Services, food service)
• Corporate College
• Course scheduling/delivery/class size
• Customer service
• Expand academic programs
• Increase tuition/fees

We are continuing the conversation within individual departments, where your supervisor will share comments regarding your area. As we review the recommendations, we will consider statutory mission priority, impact on student learning/retention/completion, impact on enrollment/FTE, stakeholder impact, recurring reduction, and budget impact.

We may find simple ideas that can implemented immediately, areas that need greater evaluation and discussion, or comments that show a lack of understanding about a department or its processes (which may be an opportunity to inform the college community).

I know these are difficult conversations and am confident that, together, we will chart a course for continued success in delivering a high quality learning environment for our communities. Thanks for all that you do for our students and community!