Reminder: vacation leave, volunteers, emergency guidelines and custodial requests

Vacation Leave Balances
This is our annual reminder to those staff that accrue vacation leave. Even though December 31st seems like a long way off, please be reminded that the college’s policy 6.14 regarding the accrual of vacation time limits the amount of days which may be carried over each year. The policy states that “No employee shall accumulate a total of more than sixty (60) days of vacation leave at the end of any calendar year. Days of vacation leave in excess of sixty (60) on December 31 shall be reduced to sixty (60) on January 1 of each year.” Sixty days equates to 450 hours of vacation time. We ask that you please work with your respective supervisor and plan accordingly.

College Volunteers
Volunteers continue to be of valuable service to the college. If you know an interested volunteer, please be reminded that they must be registered with the college. If they will be working at one of our college locations, they must contact Fingerprinting Specialist Pat Kalfs, and pass a Level 2 fingerprinting and background screening. Volunteer forms and procedures Click “Human Resources,” and look for the “Volunteer Forms” box. We certainly welcome and appreciate our volunteers’ contribution and assistance to the college.

Emergency Guidelines
We ask that all college employees familiarize themselves with the updated CF Emergency Guidelines to help ensure the safety of our students and staff. In the event of a situation, these guidelines will help you respond effectively to any presented emergency on campus. If you prefer a printed copy, contact Marketing and Public Relations Department at ext. 1372.

Custodial Service Requests – Ocala Campus
We are constantly monitoring and looking for ways to continuously improve the effort to keep classrooms, offices and restrooms in a clean and safe condition. Please be reminded that if you observe an area that needs attention or have a specific request, you may submit a custodial request. This form, available on is a different link than “Maintenance Requests.” These requests go directly to our custodial contractor, Owens Realty Services, for response and follow up. If you are experiencing service issues, please contact Director of Facilities and Plant Operations Tommy Morelock.