Sign Up for Budget Workshops Jan. 29-30

It is time to begin the budget process for fiscal year 2018-2019. Budget workshops will be held this month to instruct all individuals involved in the budget process on the correct procedures for submission of budget requests. Two (2) budget training workshops are scheduled to allow multiple individuals from your area an opportunity to participate. Management Team members are requested to share this invitation with all budget managers in their area.

This year we will again focus the workshops for first-time budget planners and returning budget planners, however, participants are welcome to attend either workshop as their schedule allows. The first-time budget planners” session will have more detail covered regarding the budgeting process.

Jan. 29, 2018 (Monday) 9-11 a.m. Returning Budget Planners Klein Center, Ocala Campus   Bldg. 40 – 107
Jan. 30, 2018 (Tuesday) 2-4 p.m. First-Time Budget Planners Klein Center, Ocala Campus   Bldg. 40 – 107

It is important that administrators and support staff who deal with their departmental/area budget(s) sign up for one of these workshops. The following procedures and forms will be covered:

  • Department Change Request
  • New or Replacement Full-Time Position Request
  • Part-time Staff Request
  • Student Assistant Request
  • New Initiative/Program Request
  • Renovation/Remodeling Request
  • College Activity Fund Request
  • 60000 Series (Current Expense) Budget Request
  • Capital Outlay Request
    (Instructional Technology, Instructional Equipment, General Technology, General Equipment)
  • Minor Equipment or Minor Computer/ Technology Equipment Request
  • CF Foundation Endowment Grants
  • Required Travel Budget Request
  • SPD Travel Budget Request

Please contact Lana Lutz at or ext. 1435 to register for one of these workshops.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.