StartSmart@CF Faculty Liaisons Announced

Download the Spring 2017 StartSmart Newsletter.

Faculty Fellows will serve as liaisons for StartSmart@CF; their primary role is in making connections between students, campus resources, metamajor content, gateway faculty and advisors to ensure FTIC students are on the right path academically and personally.  Additionally, they will use evidence-based practice and research for applications in a train-the-trainer format with faculty and staff in developing a greater awareness for engagement and academic and career planning models at the core of the StartSmart model.

We are pleased to officially announce our faculty fellows for StartSmart:

  1. Andrew Jenkins- Communications
  2. Richard Kirk- Social/Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice & Human Services
  3. Christine Knierim- Generalist
  4. Lynn Maltais- Health Sciences
  5. Liz Minnerly- Arts and Humanities
  6. Cynthia Moody- Business/ Industry, Manufacturing & Construction
  7. Amy Osborne- STEM
  8. Kathy Robbins- Education
  9. Steve Schenk- Regional fellow for Citrus and Levy