Staying Informed on Legislative Issues

Did you know that advocacy on behalf of the AFC membership is one of the primary activities of the Association of Florida Colleges. The AFC Legislative Committee comprises 18 members, all of whom serve as their college’s registered lobbyist. Moreover, the Association’s Policy and Advocacy Committee comprises all 28 presidents. Collectively, and in coordination with the Division of Florida Colleges, policy issues are prioritized and advocated under the Association umbrella. The AFC pays particular attention to matters that could directly impact its individual members and mobilizes the membership through a series of educational meetings and informative publications. Along with advocating for the annual system budget and substantive policy issues, the AFC monitors retirement, employee benefits, and related personnel issues.

The Legislative Committee covers a myriad of issues. Policy issues monitored directly on behalf of AFC members include employee benefit areas such as:
• Florida Retirement System
• Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)
• Sick leave and Annual Leave
• Severance
• Continuing Contracts and Tenure
• Academic Freedom and Speech.

Other items monitored by the committee relate to college “system-wide” policies including but not limited to:
• Community College Program Fund
• Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO)
• Dual Enrollment
• Residency
• Online Learning
• Developmental Education
• Contracting
• General Education
• Career Education
• College Placement Testing
• Facilities Management and Maintenance
• Matching Programs
• Tuition and Fees.

Not an AFC member?
Membership begins at $10 a year for part-time and adjunct employees to $35 for those who earn less than $30,000, and $45 for those who earn less than $75,000. If you choose to have your dues payroll deducted, that is less than $2 a paycheck.

If you are not an AFC member but are interested in joining, email Shena Grant or call her at ext. 1587. You can also learn more and join at