Three Ways to Increase Your Energy-Naturally

If you’ve browsed the shelves at a health-food store, you’ve probably seen the super vitamins, grape seed extract and other tablets and tonics that promise renewed zest and energy. Some medical experts urge caution when using these products. As an alternative, consider these tips to feel revitalized:

1. Eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods. With time at a premium, it may be easier to skip meals or graze on whatever food is available. Since food is fuel, it’s important to eat balanced meals that provide the right amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight. Not eating enough food can mean running out of energy, while eating too much can result in weight gain.

2. Move your body. Experts recommend doing 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity daily in addition to usual movement. Regular exercise conditions the body to build up and store available energy, maintains higher metabolism and allows the body to use energy more efficiently.

3. Get enough sleep. Sleep is necessary for the nervous systems to work properly. Too little sleep can cause people to feel drowsy or unable to concentrate and impairs memory and physical performance. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep every night to feel alive and alert during awake time.

If you feel sluggish and unmotivated during the day, mental and emotional factors may be at play as well. Reach out to your Employee Assistance Program to talk with a behavioral health specialist about assessing your needs. Or visit the Health Resource Library on the EAP page of for more tips, tricks and videos to increase your energy. The free EAP benefit is available to you and your family members.

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