Two Weeks Left! Right Here! Right Now!

Dear CF Family,

We have just about two weeks left to go for the CF Family Campaign and we are currently at 76% participation. I wanted to share a little more information about where the money that is raised by the CF Foundation goes. All the money stays inside CF!

In 2019, the CF Foundation was able to give over $1.2 million back to CF for student support and scholarships. These scholarships mean so much to a student struggling to complete their degree. Twenty-nine percent of the money raised in the 2019 CF Family Campaign was earmarked for student scholarships. I was a scholarship recipient during my time as a student here and I can tell from personal experience what an impact that had on my success. This is one of the main reasons I support this campaign so strongly. There are many students who are struggling, just as I was, and I am glad to be a part of the family that helps them succeed.

In 2019, 45% of the money raised through the CF Family Campaign went into endowed chairs and faculty grants. This means that the money went directly into use in programs to enhance student learning and instructor growth. If you are not aware of the endowed chairs or faculty grants, these are both programs where faculty and staff create new initiatives or creative ways to enhance current processes across the college to make learning more powerful.

Your support of this campaign also shows our community how proud we are to be CF! Last year, we had 96% overall participation and we know CF can make it to 100%! The size of the donation is up to you, but we are counting on your support to reach this goal.

So,  what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! Right Here, Right Now! Let’s get to 100%!

You can donate online, through payroll deduction, or by cash/check. Contact me with any questions or to request a pledge form.

Click here to go to the Family Campaign Web Page.

Thank you to those who have already supported the CF Family campaign!

Rory Wells
CF Family Campaign