Mask Procedure to Sunset June 1

As a result of the most recent changes to Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 guidance on masking for individuals who have been fully vaccinated, CF will rescind its Temporary COVID-19 Mask Procedure effective June 1. While masks will no longer be required on CF campuses or at college events, employees, students and guests are strongly encouraged to follow CDC guidance for their individual vaccination status whenever possible.

While CF is moving forward in alignment with CDC guidance on masking, the college acknowledges that COVID-19 remains a health and wellness concern within our community. CF remains committed to minimizing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 on campus and at college events. Current mitigation strategies such as enhanced cleaning, the use of protective shielding or guards, and accommodations for social distancing will continue wherever possible and appropriate.

Please be aware that all confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students and employees still need to be reported immediately to the appropriate administrator as outlined in the CF Temporary COVID-19 Procedure. Student cases are to be reported to Dr. Alton Austin, and employee cases to Jennifer Klepfer in Human Resources.

As we return to full on-campus working capacity on June 1, the hope and expectation is that all members of the CF team are guided by the virtues of grace and compassion as we interact with students and our colleagues. While these have been, and continue to be, challenging times for all, this difficult journey also presents a valuable opportunity – the chance to create something new, something even better than our old normal. We can do this, together.