New Faces, New Roles in January

CF welcomes these new employees or those who have transitioned to a new role.

Steve Abbruzzi, Faculty,  Health Sciences
Teri Cumpton, Faculty, Sciences
Marie Davidson, Staff Assistant III, Business and Technology
Philip Geistfeld, Assessment and Accommodations Specialist, Disability Services
Alivia Gibson, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences
Lisa Joranlien, Faculty, Physical Therapy Assistant, Health Sciences
Lauren Lucas, Faculty, Associate Degree Nursing, Health Sciences
Angelia Marrero, Faculty, Associate Degree Nursing, Health Sciences
Justin Mayer, Coordinator, Maintenance, Citrus Campus
Emily Parada, Staff Assistant III, Communications
Elyse Perry, Faculty, Health Sciences (SIM Lab)
Charles Prince, Vice President, Administration and Finance, Financial Operations
Jeffrey Tellez, Trades Specialist, Painter, Facilities