Thank you from College Park Elementary School

CF’s school business partner, College Park Elementary School, would like to thank CF and the Appleton Museum of Art for our continued support.

This week’s Chiptole fundraiser resulted in $800 in sales, where 33% or $239.68 will be donated to College Park.  Thank you to those individuals who supported this effort.

In September, the Appleton continued its distribution of art kits in addition to some toiletries to College Park Elementary School’s Husky Den. As a thank you, the school wanted to personally thank CF and the Appleton for their support. Check out the video here.

“The donation of 650 individual art kits translates into hope as every student, whether brick and mortar or online instruction will have the resources to complete assignments and the opportunity to explore an interest in the arts,” Caron Reid, director of Community Partnership School at College Park Elementary School. “The Appleton Museum also donated an abundance of toiletries to our Husky Den. The Den is the base of the Community Partnership School initiative. It connects families and community to the school environment by providing basic needs such as food, clothing, and hygiene supplies, which in turn, contributes to the student’s success in the classroom.”