February EAP Newsletter

February means candy hearts and Cupid’s arrows, but what if your sweetheart is driving you crazy? Whether you’re single, dating or promising forever, all relationships take work. Your Employee Assistance Program can help guide you through things like:
•Improving communication with someone you care about
•Reducing major stressors like money or raising kids
•Balancing work and family life
•Making plans for your future.

Valentine’s Day or any day, give us a call. Your free EAP benefit offers confidential counseling sessions for you and your family members to help you
work on any of your relationships. For more tips, call or go online to access thousands of resources on relationships and other behavioral health services.

Speaking of challenging relationships, could you use some help getting through to your teenagers? Sign up to attend this month’s free webinar, Communicating with Your Adolescent, by clicking the link or visiting our homepage.