Fall Semester Spin Class Results

Indoor cycling (SPIN) classes have wrapped up for the fall term with the following notable accomplishments.

Congratulations to Janet Roark (Financial Aid) and Sarah Satterfield (Humanities) for reaching the 6,000 mile mark and receiving their custom made blankets.

Congratulations to the 740 riders who participated in the fall classes, which raises the overall number of riders since the program inception in 2008 to 28,188 and the total miles ridden to 301, 407.

Congratulations to the faculty, staff, retirees, alumni and college volunteers who completed the 400 mile challenge:
Kathy Balboni, Retiree
Stephanie Baracskay, Business
Tina Banner, Marketing
Karen Bennett,Athletic Dept. Volunteer
Carol Blakeman, Faculty-Nursing
Debbie Bowe, Advisement
Mary Cipolla, Business
Dr. Sandra Davis, Faculty-Technology
Miriam Dieguez, Athletic Dept. Volunteer
Tim Frisch, Appleton
Dr. KT Kim, Faculty-Science
Pat McGinnis, Alumni
Glenna Morelock, Faculty-Wellness
Janet Roark, Financial Aid
Bob Zelinski, Athletics/Wellness
Donna Zelinski, Wellness

Congratulations also go to our Hall of Fame inductees to the 10,000 mile riders:
Mary Cipolla, Business
Pat McGinnis, Alumni
Pam Rennie, Retiree-Library
Bob Zelinski, Athletics/Wellness
Donna Zelinski, Wellness

Interested in joining during the spring semester? Check out the spring schedule here.