Look Who’s Taking the SPIN Challenge

Congratulations to KT Kim, science faculty, who is the latest to earn the 6,000-mile blanket from the SPIN program. KT is the 18th current or retired employee to earn a blanket.  There have been 57 participants in the SPIN program that have earned 1,000-mile jackets and 146 who have earned the 100-mile T-shirts.

The SPIN program has an incentive plan to attract and retain employees in the program:

       GO                                     RECEIVE
   100 miles                         CF SPIN T-Shirt
   1000 miles                       CF SPIN Jacket
   6000 Miles                       CF Blanket

400 mile Fall Challenge is just getting started, so join us 17 week ride at 2 rides per week at 12 miles per ride.

Summer and Fall
New riders include:
Tina Banner, Marketing
Lori Buffka, Faculty/Communications
Ashley Peirano, Human Resources
Heath Piper, Plant Maintenance
Josephine Avecilla, Faculty/Nursing

250 mile Summer Challenge Ride Completers with new T-Shirts
Kathy Balboni,Retired/Business
Carol Blakeman,Faculty/Nursing
Debbie Bowe, Student Success
Mary Cipolla, Financial Operations
Sandra Davis, Faculty/Business and Tech
Tim Frisch, Public Safety/Appleton
KT Kim, Faculty/Science
Mike McGinnis, Retired/Athletics
Pat McGinnis, Retired/Athletics
Glenna Morelock, Faculty/Wellness
Janet Roark, Financial Aid
Bob Zelinski, Athletics
Donna Zelinski, Wellness

The CF Employee Wellness SPIN program was first conceived in the summer of 2007 and has evolved over the past 10 years. The wellness program has expanded from its flexibility and weight training classes to include multiple spin classes throughout the week during the lunch hour and some after hours. The spin room is located to the south of the gym and is complete with 29 bikes, matted floors, a multi-speaker sound system, air-conditioning and inspirational displays on the walls.  

SPIN is done on a stationary bike. It is a safe, functional and effective exercise modality for developing aerobic fitness and increasing strength of the major muscle groups of the lower body. They are designed for all ages and all fitness level. Riders are able to track cadence (revolutions per minute or miles per hour), speed, distance, time and calories expended.

From the program’s inception in February 2008 until the current time, the SPIN program has been visited by 321 employees and retirees that have completed an orientation and taken at least one ride.

These 321 employees have totaled a combined 27,561 riders in classes that have logged 292,210.9 miles.

In the summer of 2018, the original bikes were retired and sold at auction and replaced with a new generation of Lemond Revmaster 5-Spinner Pro L 15300 bikes.