Hospice of Marion County Named CF Community Arts Partner

The college has awarded its 2017-2018 Community Arts Partner award to Hospice of Marion County.

The Community Arts Partner program allows local arts organizations to hold performances and other events in the Charles R. Dassance Fine Arts Center or the Appleton Museum of Art for a free or reduced rate.

Hospice will host a dramatic play that tells the stories of nine cancer patients. Each story, told from the perspective of the patient, offers insight into living life to the fullest down to one’s last day. CF students, Hospice volunteers and patients, and Master the Possibilities volunteers will help bring this profound 90-minute performance to life.

“Becoming a Community Arts Partner gives a local performing arts organization a chance to try a new idea or refresh an existing program in a new environment without a great deal of financial risk. Take that risk away and the most creative ideas can flourish,” said Dr. Jennifer Fryns, CF dean of Arts and Education. “I am excited to see the Hospice program come to life.”

To be eligible for the partnership, an organization must be nonprofit. Preference is given to local performing arts organizations.