Using FRS to Plan for Your Retirement

Tuesday, Oct. 31 2-3:30 p.m
Ocala Campus
Ewers Centery Center, Room 107
Broadcast to Citrus and Levy campuses

Seating is limited. To make your reservation, please email or give Steve a call at ext. 1762.

This retirement planning workshop provides an overview of the FRS and helps you understand the nuts and bolts of planning for your retirement. The workshop will demonstrate how everyday living expenses and inflation dramatically reduce your fixed retirement income. You will see the role the FRS Retirement Plans play in meeting your financial goals as well as the income gap that must be made up through saving and investing.  We explain The Pension Plan, The Investment Plan, normal retirement age, and DROP.  You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the ongoing financial planning resources available to you as a member of the FRS. This worksho benefits everyone.  Whether you are just starting or maybe you are walking out the door tomorrow.  And it fits Pension Plan and Investment Plan participants.

Presented by the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Professional Development