2021 Benefits Open Enrollment Oct. 26-Nov. 6

The 2021 Florida Blue Medical Insurance Open Enrollment runs Oct. 26 until midnight on Friday, Nov. 6.

Human Resources is pleased to report that CF will continue to cover 100 percent of each eligible employee’s cost of health insurance.  This information is available on the CF Intranet at http://benefits.cf.edu/enrollment/open-enroll-health.htm. Please review the following highlights below:

  1. Open enrollment is not mandatory with the exception of the Flexible Spending Account;
  2. Plan information, rates and enrollment instructions are located at https://benefits.cf.edu/enrollment/open-enroll-health.htm;
  3. There will be no in-person employee benefits meetings this year.  Human Resources has provided informative recorded benefits presentations, including a Health Plan Overview, for employees to view at their own convenience on the Employee Benefits Web Page;
  4. To assist CF employees through the enrollment process, please utilize the Open Enrollment Checklist;
  5. There are plan design changes to the health plans – please view information on the Benefits Web Page for detailed information.

Open Enrollment

Dates: Oct. 26, 2020-Nov. 6, 2020 at midnight
Effective Date of Coverage: 
Jan. 1, 2021

Health, Life, Dental, and Vision enrollment: Enroll via FBMC online benefits portal (see FBMC Enrollment Instructions can be found on the Employee Benefits web page.).

**Enrollment is not mandatory unless you are making plan changes or adding dependents.  If you choose to take no action, your current benefits will roll over to the new plan year.

Please Note: New or existing H.S.A. health plan members wishing to contribute additional funds to your H.S.A. account via payroll deduction must complete a new election form HSA Payroll Deduction.

Short term Disability, Long Term Disability, Cancer Insurance, or Medi-Gap Plan enrollment: First time enrollees: Paper enrollment with Custom Benefits Services representatives; Current enrollees do not have to re-enroll unless you are making changes

Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Account 2021 Open Enrollment Information

First time enrollees: Paper enrollment with Custom Benefits Services representatives (or contact HR for paper enrollment); Current enrollees or employees who have participated in the plan previously must re-enroll online at www.myflexonline.com. 

2020 Benefit Changes

  • Plan Rates: Health insurance plan rates will change +5%. CF will continue to cover Employee-only health insurance premiums at 100%.There will be non premium increases for Dental/Vision/Life or other voluntary benefits.
  • Plan Design – there are a few plan design changes in CF’s two health plans.  Please see the Employee Benefits Web Page, and view the Health Insurance recorded presentation, for more information.
  • Reminder of Pharmacy Network: Elimination of CVS/TARGET:  As of Jan. 1, 2019, CVS-owned pharmacies are no longer in your pharmacy network. You’ll still have many pharmacy choices. In addition to Walgreens, you can choose from Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, and many smaller retailers and independent pharmacies. To ensure your prescriptions are covered, move them to an in-network pharmacy. 

Adding New Dependents this Year?
If you elect to add new dependents to insurance (health, dental, vision), you will be required to provide documentation showing that they meet eligibility requirements. To verify your dependents, you must submit the required documentation as defined in the Dependent Verification Documentation Chart along with the signed Certificate of Dependent Eligibility Attestation. Required documentation must be received in Human Resources, or uploaded to the FBMC “Document Upload” feature, by the close of business, Nov. 6, 2020, for the Jan. 1, 2021, effective date of coverage. Your enrollment will remain in “pending” status until required documents are received in HR.

Dependent Verification Documentation Chart
Certificate of Dependent Eligibility Attestation

Requirements for Enrolling in Supplemental Life Insurance
All full-time employees are eligible to add supplemental life insurance coverage or increase the amount of existing coverage. All new requests and requests for coverage of $200,000 or more will require the completion of the Evidence Of Insurability form. Coverage is subject to review and not guaranteed. Your enrollment will pend until the form is received in Human Resources.

Please contact Jenny Klepfer at klepferj@cf.edu or ext. 1291 if you have questions.

More information can be found at inside.cf.edu under Employee Benefits.