Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment through April 29

Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment is going on through April 28 for new members.

The sick leave pool is designed to help protect employees from loss of income due to a major illness or injury.

  • Open to full-time employees
  • Employee must have been employed for one continuous year and have accrued sick days attainable in the contract period [Administrators, Professional and Career employees – 12 days (90 hours), 10 month employees -10 days (75 hours), Faculty – 8 days (56 hours)]
  • Initial contribution is 2 days to the pool: A&P, Career (2 days = 15 Hours) Faculty (2 days = 14 Hours)

You can download the enrollment application from the intranet. (Click on Forms, Human Resources, Sick leave Pool Enrollment Application)

For more information contact Human Resources at ext. 1570.