Yin Yoga and Chakras Workshop March 22

Yin Yoga and Chakras Workshop
with Julie Jenkins

Wednesday, March 22, 12:30-1:15 p.m.

Ewers Century Center,
Strategic Planning Room 101

Sponsored by the Karve Endowed Chair.

This workshop is for those interested in deepening their experience of Yin yoga and the Chakras, the subtle energy centers of the body. Come and feel this deepening practice, and let go of physical and mental tensions in a unique workshop that will leave you deeply nourished, and open from the inside out.

You WILL leave this workshop feeling energized, physically and mentally present.  If you don’t know what Yin is, and if your Chakra knowledge begs to be fed, if your knee hurts or shoulder is creaky — no worries — care, teaching and modification are all part of this practice. If you are an experienced Yin practitioner you will deepen the journey within.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own yoga mat.